Notes for June 5-11

Apple may have a vision, but it wasn’t the thing that made the most impact this week.

Monday, 2023-06-05

day. Spent a while reading all the carefully enthusiastic news coverage that almost, but not quite, manages to skirt over the fact that the Metaverse just ain’t happened yet.

Tuesday, 2023-06-06

Fussed with on Azure Functions again. It’s still broken to the point where I just threw up my hands, gave up, and deployed another Piku instance instead.

Wednesday, 2023-06-07

Somewhat busy day at work, Decided to skip one of my usual news binging sessions and do some exercise instead. Other than that:

  • Personal inbox zero.
  • Driven by curiosity around the Game Porting Toolkit, ended up messing with with for a while. The Windows 64-bit binary ran first try, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

Thursday, 2023-06-08

Bank holiday. Spent a bit too much time playing on the Switch.

  • Did a bit of 3D printing for my kids. A while back I found a Galaxy Black filament that looks especially good at 0.2mm layer height–sadly, it appears to be sold out now, but the results were amazing.
  • Revisited the steps to upgrade my to . Am hesitant since it is really good already with a Chinese CHT clone nozzle, so I’ve had little incentive to do so.
  • Cleaned up my dotfiles a bit. After years of wrestling with NodeJS, I finally decided to adopt nodenv on the basis that since pyenv has held me in good stead regarding maintaining multiple versions, I should probably do the same for too.

Friday, 2023-06-09

Regular work day, half catch-up, half planning for the next week.

  • Resumed patiently refurbishing a keyboard, which is a pain to disassemble and reassemble (especially the keys with stabilizers).

Saturday, 2023-06-10

Offline day.

  • Spent a bit of time reading the Wool Omnibus, and quite a bit of time playing .
  • The reward gradient in really gets going once you unlock Auto Build, and I’m having a pretty entertaining time sending off low-count Zonite bots to storm enemy positions.

Sunday, 2023-06-11

Allergy day, which meant I wasn’t able to focus on much other than a bit more 3D printing.

  • Do not recommend Silk PLA+, it’s a pain to print with and the finish mars easily as it’s very sensitive to minor printing glitches.