Notes for May 22-28

I can blame (and books) for not having achieved much outside work this week, but I did manage to get a few things done.

Monday, 2023-05-22

  • After a few encouraging tests, began retrobrighting an old, yellowed A1243 104(?)-key wired keyboard. Of course it started raining after the first batch of keys was left outside to soak in UV, and cleaning the key pits is a fiddly affair requiring tweezers and pins to scrape out gunk, but it is the kind of relaxing, precision manual work I can do piecemeal throughout the day.
  • Toyed with a few console emulators with a mind towards building a gaming equivalent of my project (and yes, Nintendo, I’m looking at you–I would very much like to play many years into the future). I seem to have decided to re-play again from scratch, so at this pace I should be done with both Switch games by… 2030.

Tuesday, 2023-05-23

OpenAI meets reality day, with a heavy dose of contrasting hype.

  • Watched the Build keynotes past dinner. Little of it was actually a , but I find the fascinating.
  • Spent a fair amount of time trying to get gpt-3.5-turbo to do my bidding. Whatever people say, using LLMs to accomplish anything deterministically is a pain. Chaining calls makes it ungodly slow, the context window is too small for most interesting problems, and they just plain can’t code properly.

Wednesday, 2023-05-24

Mostly work, even off-hours.

Thursday, 2023-05-25

Took another stab at the yawning vastness of my Unsorted folder.

Was rummaging about in it when I found this hilariously intense little GIF that I think needs preserving, because apparently the original meme is 20 years old:

So tiny. So intense.

Friday, 2023-05-26

Updated my page with a bunch of things I’ve been toying with.

Saturday, 2023-05-27 and Sunday, 2023-05-28

Mostly offline/TV watching weekend.

  • Revisited my setup, which surprisingly works OK with (it’s just weird that the window hints float mid-screen in the position windows would otherwise be).
  • Looking at the new features from recent releases, I intend to tweak it a bit further (it’s that time of the year, I guess). Right now I wish it could do type-ahead search for windows and bind Caps Lock (the first seems doable with the most recent release, but the second still requires a separate app).
  • Updated my Linux sandboxes and did a little general housekeeping. Using libheif to view HEIC images still seems to require some finagling.
  • Tried to figure out why my started freezing (I suspect recent updates are to blame).