Notes for January 16-22

Worst week of the year so far.

Monday, 2023-01-16

Martin Luther King Day in the US. Reasonably slow day, able to go out for lunch for a change.

  • Tidied up office again before work.
  • Realized my Intel KVM host was running out of disk space, moved inactive images to my NAS and bumped up priority for replacing/upgrading it.
  • Investigated and filed #424.
  • Walked 5Km uphill returning from lunch break.
  • Listened to two more episodes of Oxide and Friends (yes, I have a very long backlog).
  • Rewrote most of my RSS-to-Mastodon poster as a plain aiohttp script.
  • Did some minor fixes to Piku HTTP header mappings.

Tuesday, 2023-01-17

Spent most of the day trying to catch up with various things and poking at GitHub during breaks, then attending to some personal stuff.

  • Fixed up some of my Azure boilerplate scripts to accommodate the newest fads.
  • Reviewed some issues I filed, accepted a few pull requests on personal projects.
  • Updated some of my cloud-init bootstrapping scripts, including the Piku ones.
  • Started to put together a minimalist application metrics server.
  • Spent a while doing some research.

Wednesday, 2023-01-18

Pretty lousy day due to the .

  • Paid bills.
  • Spent 20m kicking off apt/dnf upgrades across a few machines.
  • Stepped into the front-end cesspool, decided to do a “simple” modular dashboard with Preact and D3, ended up wasting far too much time, filing #236 and rebuilding the htm and preact bundle myself. Seriously, why is this ecosystem so broken?
  • Decided to take a break away from computers and the news for the evening.

Thursday, 2023-01-19

Woke up unusually early due to a commotion in the building, got an extra hour to read morning news (which was not an improvement).

  • Set up the new Pythonista beta on my iPad Pro, since I’m planning to replace some of my shortcuts with it.
  • Got an HDMI-to-CSI bridge in the post and set up a with a legacy PIKVM image over lunchtime–this way I can at least check my KVM host console. The Zero W, despite slow and not officially supported anymore, can run off a single unmodified USB cable for power, which is a big advantage.
This folds neatly into a volume only slightly bigger than the Pi.
  • Ordered a second HDMI-to-CSI bridge from AliExpress (I will be repurposing another Zero W in a few months).
  • Started sketching out a case for the above.
  • Wrote a little backend for my Preact app.

Friday, 2023-01-20

Some unexpected personal stuff to attend to. In between that and news of the Google layoffs, nothing much got done outside of work.

Saturday, 2023-01-21

Pretty productive day, all things considered.

  • Personal inbox zero (or close enough).
  • Updated my CV and portfolio (you never know).
  • Stumbled upon the zero to main() series of posts about bootstrapping an MCU, which made for quite nice reading.
  • Did some vacuuming.
  • Poked at a couple more 3D models in .
  • Did a draft print of an enclosure for the PiKVM on the .
  • Finally watched The Matrix Resurrections. Was most emphatically not impressed.
  • Reviewed and polished some pending drafts.

Sunday, 2023-01-22

Couch potato day.

  • Tidied some storage boxes.
  • Read a fair chunk of The Economist.
  • Finished my long-term .
  • Played around with the API a bit more.
  • Cleaned up and published these notes.

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