Category Date Link Notes
Cartography Nov’13 Natural Earth Data All sorts of raster and vector data, including territorial subdivisions
Natural Earth 3 Raster data without population centres
Nasa Blue Marble Raster data from satellite imagery
Libraries Jun’12 Kartograph A stunning SVG toolkit.
Jun’11 godzi A WebGL toolkit for mapping
kothic-js A map rendering engine using canvas
Mobile Apps Aug 1 Offmaps Offline maps for the and , using OpenStreetMap
Content Older Vectorial dotted maps
Web Older Maps
Virtual Earth what? MSN Earth was taken?
Yahoo mapping API
Mappy European maps and itineraries
Map24 NAVTEQ’s site, which used to employ an excellent applet (very useful on a 20” screen)
National Geographic Atlas Also uses NAVTEQ data
Lisbon City Hall Map Site Now includes an aerial photograph overlay. Sadly, it only works properly in , which goes to show you how much they know about web sites.
Transparent New York a chronological map of sorts.
Desktop Apps Older Earth
NASA World Wind
Outlines Older carto:net SVG in cartography