Category Date Link Notes
Cartography 2013 Nasa Blue Marble

Raster data from satellite imagery

Natural Earth Data

All sorts of raster and vector data, including territorial subdivisions

Natural Earth 3

Raster data without population centres

Engines 2023 Protomaps

An interactive, customizable and open source vector map of the world, delivered as a single file hosted on cloud storage

2021 Leaflet

A JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps


A Python-based server application that can serve up map tiles based on rendered geographic data

Libraries 2011 Kartograph

A stunning SVG toolkit.


A WebGL toolkit for mapping


A map rendering engine using canvas

Mobile Apps Offmaps

Offline maps for the [iPhone] and [iPod Touch], using OpenStreetMap


A free Android and iOS offline maps app based on OpenStreetMap data

Other 2021 Vectorial dotted maps

useful as a decorative element

Lisbon GIS resources

A collection of GIS resources for Lisbon