Speed Bumps

The usual succession of holidays around this time of year has acted as somewhat of a speed bump in several regards, not least of which that I've been grossly neglecting my personal e-mail (a matter that is on the verge of being addressed).

Other stuff that has fallen by the wayside includes (but is not limited to):

  • The reasons why I ditched and returned to : (in a nutshell: I have no use for its "improvements", and it is absolutely ridiculous to click on the network icon on the system tray and wait a full minute for the connection control menu to pop up)
  • Various notes on 7.04 (in a nutshell: it works better, but without dynamic dual head support, it's useless to me)
  • A few notes on file synchronization (in a nutshell: badly needs a decent GUI, but I've started looking at XMPP as a transport - fear.)
  • This piece on troubleshooting the latest Security Update (in a nutshell: lots of useful background information for troubleshooting)
  • And, last but not least, John Gruber's interview of Dino Dai Zovi (in a nutshell: the most lucid piece on the CanSecWest contest), which happens to mention one of my - using your under a non-admin account is definitely a good idea.

And now, to deal with e-mail.

Update: Via David Magda, I just found out that seems to have gained Bluetooth PAN support with 10.4.9. It worked flawlessly with my and an HSDPA device I have - it seems that the days of dialup scripts are gone.