Mercurial is an SCM written in Python that has a number of interesting features.


Date Link Notes
2009 CuteHg An even nicer graphical front-end.
Hg-Git mercurial plugin A brilliant, pure Python implementation of git that lets you work on git repositories without installing git at all.
InDefero A Google Code clone with git and Mercurial support. Regrettably, it is written in PHP, but should nevertheless be useful for internal deployments.
Mercurial-easy A very nice curses front-end
2007 Getting hg viewi to work in Mac OS X
tailor a tool to migrate changesets across different SCMs
TortoiseHg a Windows Explorer extension (requires the Win32 Python install and PyGTK)


My .hgignore file:

syntax: glob

Updating a local instance upon push/pull (once used to publish this entire site):

$ cat space/.hg/hgrc 
changegroup = hg update