The Biz, Reloaded

Been spending a few hours trying to figure out exactly what happened during my vacation (moderately easy) and trying to feel at home again (incredibly tough).

The trouble with dropping out of context is that you have to go over all your notes again, divine the status of things based on (often) incomplete information, and slog through mountains of (mostly useless) virtual paperwork that is perfect for figuring out most of what was done but incredibly lousy at capturing the why.

There is, of course, some mail to be read (or acted upon), and entirely too little time.

And it's raining. Glad I took the time off when I did.

Anyway, Back On The Thing...

Could someone please explain to me why is so damnably hopeless at doing long downloads? I've been trying to download 2.4 from ADC for over an hour (six or seven tries now).

After 250MB or so (the .dmg is 938.2MB), the download (which starts at, oh, 800KBps or so) usually peters down to a trickle (20-30KBps, often much less).

The worst thing is, if I keep using it invariably fails, and much sooner than that. , on the other hand, got the file without any hitches, and I could keep on using it.

Bandwidth, incidentally, is not a problem today - nor are variations thereof.

Maybe ought to re-visit their approach to long downloads (I can only guess at the user experience, since doesn't get all the bells and whistles). BitTorrent would be an idea (it's completely legit now, and we get our CentOS server installation images that way).