I'm told adversity builds character

Whilst watching with bemused interest the rising pitch of hysteria out on the wild wild web concerning matters (with packs of snarling fanboys pecking at rumors and spawning rabid memes high on rumor fumes and nil substance), I have been going through some mild hysteria myself on both the professional and personal fields, of which I think it would be interesting (for future times) to leave some form of written record.

So, today is a holiday, and all our carefully crafted plans for moving back to our apartment tomorrow (for which I scheduled a day off weeks ago) have recently fallen by the wayside due to the utter incompetence of the kitchen furniture folk, who managed to drill through our gas pipe not just one, not just two, but at least three times in a neat row as they endeavored to attach a considerable amount of shelving and cupboards to a pristinely painted and tiled wall.

Which, considering that the entire flat has recently mushroomed with 194-odd cardboard boxes containing most of our belongings, is a rather fortuitous event, to say the least, and it is with considerable interest that I await tomorrow morning to have a significant portion of the wall taken down to see the damage.

So we can’t even live in while we unpack, and I expect to spend the next four days going to and fro at the whims of a weeks-old infant that, incidentally, has colic, therefore turning my nights into 3-hour slots of nightmares about work interspersed with 2-hour feeding sessions during which the little tyke feeds off both milk and his parents’ stamina.

Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately), a cabal of other events and intents have colluded to ensure that the only sane thing to do was postponing the final move to next week, and as I prepare myself to start assembling furniture and going through the boxes, I am relieved to think that, at the very least, it is all going somewhat more smoothly than things at work.

There I am, unfortunately, saddled with one of the worst projects I have ever tried to tackle, and not really feeling as if it is going anywhere soon – seeing as it is a sort of corporate heirloom of years past when some pretty odd decisions were made (and, of course, nobody stuck around to fix them). Oh, and they say I’m the right guy for the job.

Sound familiar?

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