It’s becoming somewhat depressing to think about all the neat stuff some companies left by the roadside in their inability to deliver. Take the following examples:

  • BeOS (Acquired by Palm in 2001, currently a zombie1)
  • The Foleo (Cancelled by Palm in 2004, before it was even launched)
  • webOS (Acquired by HP in 2010, killed this week)
  • Maemo (Ditched by Nokia in February this year after prolonged disease, survived by Meego to practically nil effect)
  • The Playbook, which is effectively dead in the water right now.

I expect QNX to make the list yet, considering that RIM has been sitting on it for a good while now without any game-changing results.

  1. Yes, I’ve been following Haiku, and as much as I like the idea of it, if you think a OS that still doesn’t do WPA has any chance in the modern world, I have this bridge I’d like to sell you. ↩︎

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