Nokia E90

The E90 is Nokia's attempt to recreate the Series 80 form factor and feature set using the Series 60 platform:

Good Points:

  • Amazing internal screen and browser
  • Citrix client works (although a bit crashy) at 800x352
  • HSDPA and Wi-Fi
  • Built-in GPS
  • Moderately decent keyboard overall, with top row preserving the original Communicator layout

Bad Points:

  • Worst. Directional pad. Ever. - useless and poorly positioned. The Blackberry Pearl is vastly superior in terms of navigation.
  • Camera takes forever to startup. Unless you're taking pictures of rocks, it's not really that useful.
  • Hinges are a pain to use, and trying to hit the menu buttons on the top right rocks the entire device
  • Wi-Fi setup is still a pain (won't work with my hidden SSID WPA network)
  • Series 60 software is a poor fit for the form factor:
    • Manages to still waste screen real estate when reading e-mail
    • Return key doesn't work in all input fields
    • softkeys are mapped to the two menu buttons, etc., etc.
    • Has annoying little pauses every now and then when it remembers it's a Series 60


Product Codes:

  0544357 EMEA Portugal Mocca
  0544485 APAC Singapore (Simplified Chinese)

Video encoding settings:

MP4 800x352, 30FPS (1920 kbps)
May need to crop 80 pixels off the top & bottom
AAC 48k Sampling 192 kbps stereo