Not an April Fools'

Today marks my eighth year at Vodafone . I've always thought the date was rather funny (especially considering the way the telco industry has evolved in the past few years), but the funniest bit is that it's turned into a sort of karmic circle: Every few years I am back doing another big project in the same field, peaking at roughly the same time of the year, with mostly the same people and with the same kinds of concerns.

It's a bit like Groundhog Day, except that I haven't had time to learn to play Jazz piano and my hair is starting to gray.

Anyway, this year I haven't had time to mess around with the site to pull a prank (but never fear, the images and CSS I had lined up are probably going to make it next year), so here's and the current Wikipedia listing of today's pranks.

Both should be mostly accurate.