Nokia E51

The E51 is an enterprise-oriented variant of the 6120, with the same keypad layout as the E65:

Good Points (mostly like the 6210):

  • Supports the client (took me 2 minutes to switch phones, a new record)
  • Very fast, great browser, screen, battery life (like the 6120)
  • Metal casing
  • Standard mini- connector
  • The usual browser
  • HSDPA and support (although the point of having on a phone like this still eludes me)
  • Infra-red (for those of you who really need it)

Bad Points:

  • Crummy 2Mp camera (even considering the target segment, for the retail prices I’m seeing, I’d expect more)
  • No front camera for video calls (the 6120 has one, and it’s half the price)
  • Design. Not only does the phone look like a 70s design refugee, the silver and salmon versions are ugly, period. The metal back is the worst part.
  • Still no charging (odd, considering that the new 8000 series already uses the micro- connector for power and data)
  • Yet another re-shuffling of the UI, with stuff scattered all over the place
  • Not yet compatible with for some obscure reason
  • Still shipping the same old version of QuickOffice


Date Link Notes
Jan 25 Nokia’s E51 – Smart and Professional Pretty detailed review
Dec 30 plugin Seems to have been available for a while, only noticed it today