The Nintendo console that was all the rage in 2006. And the year after that. And the last one.

Friend Codes

Here are my friend codes, if you’re so inclined:

Game Code
Console 5123 6992 6807 9533
“Mario Kart”:Game:B000XJNTNS 1848-6094-7604


Category Date Link Notes
Flash Games May 18 WiiCade not all of them work properly, but there’s plenty of them
Winterbells bunnies!
Tactical Assassin
Line Rider
Duck Hunt
Toys May 18 Mii Editor in Flash
Finetune Flash UI for the Finetune service
Wii Media Center X Java  server that will serve Flash format content for viewing on the Wii ‘s pathetically limited browser. Does some image resizing and MP3 streaming.
Web Development May 18 Making Wii-friendly pages from the Opera developer site, includes keycode info for the remote
Reverse Engineering May 18 Traffic Dumps Ah, the sweet smell of packets.
Wiimote hacking May 18 Wiimote Whiteboard, a Java app.
Integration with Torque
Wiimote information very detailed information on the protocol (more than enough to pull off a driver, I think).
Control X.Org cursor with Wiimote and Python
DarwiinRemote for Mac OS X OS X
HOWTO: Use the Wiimote in Windows as your mouse requires GlovePIE, The programmable Input Emulator