Another Round

So I’m a year older again, and arguably a little wiser.

To celebrate, I’m spending the day with my kids - that means I skipped the last day of Codebits (which was epic, and easily the best Codebits ever by a very long shot), but wild horses couldn’t keep me from being with them.

Regarding Codebits, I’m pretty happy the way things turned out. Being a part of the organization meant I spent the last two days running around, live tweeting the keynote, writing blog posts and making dozens of little announcements, but I managed to squeeze in a few interesting odds and ends that don’t happen every day:

  • catching up with old and new friends (some of which flew over just for this)
  • finally watching Ink being launched (it was hugely popular with attendees, and I’ve been tangentially involved in the early in-house versions)
  • watching Pedro Melo’s 0MQ talk live (we kind of listened in to a few others, and I’ll be watching videos for a couple of weeks to catch up on the ones I missed)
  • meeting up with interesting folk like Rob Bishop from the Raspberry Pi foundation and Ricardo Cerqueira from CyanogenMod
  • getting into a NERF duel with a PT Board member (he had a bigger gun, of course)

But it was mostly about being cooped up in “the bridge” for three days (one for setup and two for my bit of the event itself) and despite the amazing view “outside” to the main floor and the wackiness and high spirits of our team, I was getting cabin fever.

Plus I ended up barely using my camera (apologies for the crummy mosaic, there are oodles of vastly better photos here, though):

The most gratifying bit for me was that the roughly 20 Raspberry Pis we used for digital signage worked without significant hitches (code was 95% finished a week ago, we assembled the lot during the 2 days prior to the event, and there were only two minor fixes to be pushed out).

I’ll post about the specifics on the Codebits blog itself, but, in a nutshell, the only thing that broke was omxplayer (it froze two or three times) and there’s really nothing you can do about that.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to untangle the Wii remotes from my kids.

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