Magic Mouse

Never again will Apple be mocked for its single-button mice. I was waiting for the Bluetooth version, but in the end I settled for an old, reliable, twisted copper tail.

Previously called the “Mighty Mouse” until trademark rights were lost, it is now the “standard” device, with a newer, touch-surface enabled version taking over:


Year Link Notes
2008 ArsTechnica Review For the older model
Apple Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball cleaning
Cleaning the trackball
TV Theme Song
2009 multitouch hack It was only a matter of time...
Magic Mouse: Oh my God-it's full of capacitive sensors! And me thinking it was pixie dust.
You win some, you lose some: a review of Apple's Magic Mouse I'll eventually be getting one for occasional use at home, so some of the insights are interesting.
Magic Mouse post-teardown loses some of its dark arts charm Even the internals are slick.
The new Magic Mouse, left, replacing my huge, awesome, but flaky... Seems like it grows on you.