iPhone and iPad Development

This page lists iPhone and iPad development resources formerly contained in the 3G node:

Generic Development Resources

Category Date Link Notes
JavaScript Libraries Mar’14 Framework 7 Pretty well-rounded.
Nov’13 slip.js For swipeable, orderable lists
Oct’13 Emy A worthy successor to iUI
Aug’13 Clank Overall, quite similar to Ratchet
Jun’12 Enyo The Palm/WebOS survivor, which actually works great on an iPad
May’11 Do you really need jQuery? No. Great piece on techniques for mobile dev.
Apr’11 Chocolate Chip UI A very promising and polished approach using CSS3 and HTML5.
Jan’11 XUI Interesting mobile-focused DOM libraries
Jo A cross-platform library with a uniform UI style.
Apr’10 TouchScroll A scrolling layer that uses CSS3 to deliver a near-native feel.
Sproutcore Touch Not strictly pure JavaScript, but impressive.
pjs4iPad Lets you create Processing.js apps that can be run and edited directly in HTML5 browsers and will run offline.
iuiPad A version of iUi optimized for the iPad
Oct’09 iUI The original library for building web apps for the iPhone, which started using native CSS animations from 0.31 onwards.
jQTouch A jQuery plugin for web UI development, using native animations and a nice look and feel.
Sep’09 iphone-universal Neat, only lacking CSS3 animations.
iWebKit Offers button popups (currently broken in OS 3.0, but apparently fixable)
Oct’08 WebApp.Net Some of the samples are amazing.
safire A reasonably complete framework focusing on functionality rather than looks
webwillflowjs A widget-oriented approach (tabs, toolbars, integrated maps, etc.)
ciui-dev A more structured approach that significantly improves upon iUI
Miscellaneous Jan’14 iOS URL Schemes, handleOpenURL Fairly comprehensive listings of URL schemes for third-party apps
May’11 Pixel Proliferation Another set of Photoshop templates (also includes TV and other smartphones)
Feb’11 LiveView A screen sharing app for design testing
Aug’10 CSS for iPhone 4 Notes on tweaking CSS for the new display.
Targeting the iPhone 4 Retina Display with CSS3 Media Queries
Apr’10 Customizable Themes with CSS3 and -webkit-mask Creating toolbar buttons and gradient/highlight overlays without umpteen graphics.
How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App All the basics, neatly detailed.
Sep’09 Mockapp presentation templates Keynote and PowerPoint template designs for doing mock-ups.
Jul’09 iPhone Development Emergency Guide Very much to the point.
Oct’08 A touch of Cocoa: inside the iPhone SDK With the extinction of the NDA, things became a lot more interesting.
Sep’08 Ultimate iPhone Stencil an OmniGraffle stencil for UI mockups
Aug’08 iPhone GUI PSD A Photoshop file with UI assets
Jun’08 Yahoo Stencil Kits Also includes some iPhone UI elements
Jun’09 LiquidGear Alternative frameworks for development using scripting languages.
Titanium Mobile pretty interesting.
Sep’09 MonoTouch Compiles C# to native code.
Cocoa Dec’13 Pixate CSS-like styling for Cocoa
Dec’12 NUI An impressive way to easily style (and re-style) your applications using a CSS-like syntax
Jun’12 Wax An impressive and (free, MIT) Lua framework for iOS development.
MPWDrawingContext An Objective-C wrapper around the CoreGraphics CGContextRef
SSPullToRefresh A pull to refresh view
Dec’11 Nineveh An OpenGL ES 2.0 3D engine for iOS
Jun’11 CLCascade A UI library that mimics the Twitter UI for the iPad
iPhoneWebServicesClient A set of examples for dealing with common web service interfaces
Aug’10 MGSplitViewController for iPad A very nice view controller with a few neat twists (like draggable splits)
Mar’09 iPhone Development: 12 Tips To Get You Started Nice guide to doing HTML and JavaScript for the device, including multi-touch.
iPhone dev: basic image processing package Kind of strange considering the amount of built-in graphics primitives, but may be of use later.
Three20 A collection of UI classes and utilities derived from the Facebook app
Feb’09 Bootstrap A nice primer for people who want to start from scratch
Jan’09 Switching from scripting languages to Objective C and iPhone: useful libraries Covers HTTP, JSON, XML, regular expressions and SQLite libraries that may come in very handy indeed.
iPhone dev: Retrieving user phone numbers So it’s apparently possible to retrieve the MSISDN from the system, although it’s not clear in what format.
Ruby Sep’10 rhodes An interesting Ruby framework that despite being open-sourced and a commercial product, has probably the worst marketing strategy ever, since you can’t even read the docs or watch demo videos without registering with them. Utterly lame.