The mobile platform sponsored by Google as part of the Open Mobile Alliance, evolved from their 2005 acquisition of the company with the same name.

The following is a link dump regarding both the platform and those devices more closely associated with it:


Date Link Notes
Jul 22 scaloid A Scala library for Android development.
Feb 1 HoRNDIS A Mac OS X driver for using USB tethering to Android devices.
Jan 27 androrat A remote administration and tracking solution for Android devices.
Aug 3 From Zero to Boot: Porting Android to your ARM platform A handy overview.
Hacker’s Keyboard A decent soft keyboard for technical use.
Jun 12 Connectbot A pretty good SSH client that almost works perfectly with a hardware keyboard.
Jun 10 Android Development on the Command Line Probably the sanest way to do it.
Oct 18 Speeding up the Android emulator or sidestepping it altogether…
Feb 23 Native android icons in vector format Useful for a number of purposes.
Jun 30 Android 3.0 Gingerbread getting revamped UI, Froyo living on for lower-end phones? A bigger chunk for the fragmentation advocates.
Jun 29 Google: Android 2.2 (Froyo) comes to Nexus One Not that exciting.
Jun 22 Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android Gets Official If that is your thing.
Jun 07 Yep, the iPhone runs Android 2.2, too Still unusable, basically.
May 29 The Verdict On Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’: It’s Sweet
It does look nicer.
May 25 Froyo Speed Test Faster without Flash.
May 24 Flash For Smartphones Is Finally Here, And It Is Terrible Ha.
May 23 Entelligence: Is Android fragmented or is this the new rate of innovation? in a nutshell, Google won’t admit to fragmentation of user experience.
May 21 iPhone 3G’s Android port is ready to download “a fully charged iPhone running Android will last only an hour or so.” – ‘nuff said.
Speedy Android 2.2 hits with tethering, push framework, more A better overview.
Everything You Need to Know About Android 2.2 A pretty comprehensive overview
May 18 Android 2.1 becomes most used version, just in time to be obviated by Froyo More statistics.
May 15 Google fails to revolutionize the cellphone market Told you it wasn’t that simple to just sell phones online…
May 13 Android 2.2: Tethering & Hotspots More features, less battery life.
May 10 Is Android Really Outselling Apple? Hardly a surprise if you take into account that there is only one Apple.
Click on the image to zoom in
Apr 28 Flash Support in Android 2.2 Oh, the enthusiasm.
Apr 28 Jobs detects an imbalance in the force Gotta love stats. One little thing, though – Android apps are more likely to be free and ad-driven, so anything coming from an ad server isn’t necessarily a good market penetration metric for a platform.
Apr 26 Nexus One launches on Vodafone UK this Friday, April 30 There you go, mate.
Apr 14 Yes they can Don’t think so, but it’s sure going to be interesting to watch them try…
5 Things Google Must Do to Make Its Tablet Competitive Oh ffs. The thing doesn’t even exist yet, and they’re pontificating already?
Feb 26 Nexus One coming to Vodafone UK in April, says Telegraph No comment
Feb 15 Nexus One could be more Environment Friendly Why add the charger instead of replacing it?
Feb 14 New Nexus One ROM leaks, fixes more radio issues? Another try, I guess…
Feb 11 Nexus One 3G problems persist after update—is it a design problem? Oh, yeah, sure. Like baseband firmware fixes poor coverage.
Feb 09 Google makes biggest gain in smartphone market share More pretty charts (US-centric, therefore meaningless). The difference here is that there are umpteen versions of Android devces and far fewer of other platforms…
Feb 08 Google reduces its Nexus One termination fee Interesting.
Feb 03 Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch Will it change anything?
Jan 26 Google: Nexus One 3G issues result of poor coverage, bugs; patch possibly within a week Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a baseband upgrade.
Jan 21 Google’s Nexus One is no iPhone – and that’s OK A more balanced review.
Jan 14 Nexus One Phone Hilarious video review.
Jan 13 In the First Week, Google May Have Sold 20,000 Nexus One Phones Comparing 20K against 1.6 million iPhones on the first week is a bit unfair considering the way it’s sold.
Google Charges ETF For Nexus One On Top of Carrier’s Interesting. More here and here.
Jan 12 Google at the crossroads: a review of the Nexus One Pretty detailed and comprehensive review, as always.
T-Mobile gives reps troubleshooting tips for Nexus One’s 3G issues Looks like a baseband issue alright.
Google learning that users want real support for Nexus One Learning can be painful.
On-duty with the Nexus One: form factor, battery, Android An odd review.
Android 2.1 SDK About time.
T-Mobile makes mention of 3G issues with Nexus One, hopes to have ‘more information’ soon Here’s to some heroic debugging.
Nexus One: $174 Cost to Build About the same estimated production cost than a 3GS, except that Apple has likely done a better bulk deal on parts… Also, nice comparative tables.
Jan 06 Vodafone promises Nexus One ‘in a few short weeks’ And this is probably where I stop keeping track of this particular device…
Google’s biggest announcement was not a phone, but a URL I find it amazing that they’d write this much about ordering a phone online on a third-party store, but that’s the US mobile market for you.
Google Isn’t Targeting iPhone Users; It’s Targeting Everyone Else Much ado about nothing in particular, basically.
Nexus One teardown reveals 802.11n WiFi and FM transmitter This teardown mania is somewhat fun, but one wonders how long it will take until people realise that only a very small minority of what is “unearthed” is news…
State of the Art – Google Shakes but Doesn’t Upend the Cellphone Market – Pogue doesn’t seem terribly impressed.
Jan 05 Google Phone Unveiled Today A coherent list of specs, although there are plenty of meaningless stats bolted on to beef up the article.
Jan 05 Google’s Nexus One is official $529 unlocked, shipping to the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, or with a two year T-Mobile US contract for $179. There go a lot of pipedreams about it being sold direct to the public at “astonishingly low” prices.
Jan 04 Nexus One review not much in terms of review, actually.
Jan 03 Exclusive: Google Nexus One hands-on, video, and first impressions Not an iPhone killer. Hardly capable of killing a fly, apparently.
Nov 30 Droid Doesn’t: It’s Not Ready For Prime Time · Alsop Louie Partners A month later, reality calls.
Nov 23 Stats show Motorola Droid is the new elephant in the Android room I’m still wary of stats (local copy of PDF), but I hear it’s selling pretty well indeed.
Click on the image to zoom in
Nov 11 Motorola Droid torn down despite desperate cries of ‘no disassemble’ Worth looking at.
Droid Does… only have 256MB of storage for apps Now that’s gotta be… Useful.
Analyst estimates 100,000 DROID smartphones sold in first weekend It isn’t the RAZR, but it’s a decent figure.
Nov 05 “Andy Ihnatko on Verizon Droid “iDon’t ads: baloney Yep.
Personal Droid Data Plan Will Cost $30 Per Month, Even With Exchange I honestly don’t get why they are trying to charge it this way.
Nov 03 Exchange Access for Droid: $15 Extra Per Month Wow.
Oct 30 Android Phones Get Free Turn-By-Turn Directions Best overview yet
Google adds free turn-by-turn navigation, car dock UI to Android 2.0 The quip about an Apple version is not to be missed.
Google Navigation video hands-on: you want this Looks nice indeed, but let’s wait to see how well map caching works.
Oct 29 The Droid Has Landed…Unboxed! Plus a Few Facts Nothing to worry about except that it’s the start of a trend.
Oct 28 Droid Launches Nov. 6 Priced To Match iPhone The price matching approach is interesting, but then again in the US handset prices don’t work quite the same way as in Europe
Motorola DROID first hands-on! I can’t figure out why these people keep wasting space in hardware keyboards.
Verizon Droid Phone: Nov 6th, $199 A pretty decent feature set overview.
Google Releases Android 2.0 SDK But the UI guidelines are still a bit on the loose side.
Oct 27 Android 2.0 Highlights The e-mail client looks nice, but I’m curious as to usability.
Android 2.0 is Official — Quick Contacts Look Nice This is just what I think is needed in oh, so many other places.
Droid to be Verizon’s Android Product Line — Not a Single Phone Now this is a clever move.
Oct 24 Verizon’s Droid is a series, not just a phone; Droid Eris coming from HTC Let’s see how this pans out. I’m quite curious, actually, to see if Verizon can pull this off in the sense of generating genuine buzz around an operator-specific set of Android devices.
Oct 20 Android thoughts two years later Well worth reading through, and mirrors my own views. One to re-visit a few years from now indeed.
Oct 7 Android, not iPhone, is Bigger Symbian Challenger Says Gartner Not rocket science, but a bit exaggerated, since nobody can really look that far into the future in this industry. Still, here’s the chart:
Click on the image to zoom in
Sep 23 Cyanogen Modified firmware for some devices. Just had to happen.
Sep 15 Android 1.6 SDK is here Well, at least compatibility is assured.
Sep 10 A nice summary table of devices
Click on the image to zoom in
Sep 3 Some News from Android Market It took them this long to add screenshots to apps.
Aug 17 The Android Opportunity (addenda) Mostly agree, although this is too US-centric for it to be considered the whole truth.
Jun 24 HTC Hero running Android and Sense UI leaks from HTC‘s own website Flash turns out to not be that exciting. Or useful. Plus the phone is plain ugly, and a lot thicker than what the first shot makes it look.
HTC Hero hands-on: Flash, keyboard and ruminations
Adobe demos Flash on the HTC Hero
Apr 29 Vodafone suggests future Android phones could have less Google People keep confusing the platform with the services.
Apr 27
Loads of fun for various reasons.
Apr 20 Introducing home screen widgets and the AppWidget framework An interesting technote on how Android handles home screen widgets.
Apr 2 Some Fun Facts About The Google Phone Interesting stats about usage patterns.
Mar 5 HTC black Magic (Sapphire) hands-on: a Vodafone exclusive Very few decent shots
Feb 25 Google blocks paid apps for unlocked G1 users Interesting hint of fragmentation.
Feb 17 HTC Magic is official, bringing Android to Vodafone sans keyboard And after adding these links, this page now merits a direct, obvious, reference to my Disclaimer
HTC Magic in-depth hands-on, with video!
HTC Magic first eyes-on!
Photos: Hands-on with the HTC Magic Android phone
HTC Magic – The new Google Android mobile phone from Vodafone
Feb 13 Android Market update: support for priced applications Using Google Checkout, of course.
Android Market: Open for Business A very nice (if shallow) analysis that bunches together some interesting tidbits of info.
Feb 12 TeleNav Does Turn-By-Turn on Android Apparently US-only, which is a pity.
Jan 1 Android netbooks on their way, likely by 2010 Dubious in both title and subject matter (we’ve known that Android could be made to run on PCs for a good while now.
Dec 28 AD IV: Programming Newbie Tim Bray lists a few interesting resources for new developers
Dec 17 Huawei powers up its Android plans For Q3’09. Let’s see what they come up with.
Dec 9 Open Handset Alliance announces 14 new members including Sony Ericsson and Vodafone. Most people missed this last bit, which is fun.
Dec 8 Unlocked Android: $399 Development samples, available for purchase.
Nov 7 Worst. Bug. Ever. Although this was fixed fairly quickly, it is the perfect example of why mobile phones aren’t exactly trivial to “improve upon” using today’s technology.
Oct 31 iPhone vs T-Mobile G1 A short comparison.
Oct 24 Android Phone Teardown How weird is it that this is in Japan?
Oct 22 HTC Dream T-Mobile G1 (black) Smartphone review
Oct 21 Android is now Open Source Let’s see if someone will port this to Intel and get it running on a netbook…
Oct 16 Almost Human: a review of Google’s Android G1 phone Good reading – a thorough appraisal.
State of the Art – A Look at Google’s First Phone Pogue weighs in.
T-Mobile G1 review
T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone Review
Oct 15 Review: Over 260 images and 5 videos of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android device A tad overkill, but interesting nonetheless.
What Android Can Learn From the iPhone: It’s the Software, Stupid. Brilliant title.
The Google Phone Review: What I Love & Hate About T-Mobile G-1 Om weighs in.
Google answers the iPhone Walt Mossberg’s take.
T-Mobile G1 review Engadget’s lenghty two-part article, covering hardware and software (loads of imagery).
T-Mobile G1, a hands-on introduction to the first Android phone Some interesting videos
Review of the T-Mobile G1 Google phone Pretty comprehensive gallery.
Oct 9 First T-Mobile G1 user review Not particularly gushing.
Sep 23 Video: Android walkthrough on T-Mobile G1 A few demos
Sep 16 Google shows off masked Android handset About a year later, one of the first sightings of actual hardware (but running over Wi-Fi). I don’t get the “masked” bit, though – the hardware’s pretty obvious.
Nov 11 Wikipedia Background info
Nov 12 Android SDK Includes plenty of links to videos and reference information

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