Life is good

Another year has passed, and I gave myself two great birthday presents: The first was a quiet day at home reading and relaxing, and the second was “Okami”:Wikipedia:Okami, which I had earmarked last year in my Amazon Wishlist as something I wanted to experience rather than just “play”.

Although there is a Wii version slated for 2008, waiting another year for something that may or may not happen at all seemed somewhat pointless.

And it is well worth it, even considering its somewhat odd 4:3 layout – the gameplay is engaging, the lush scenarios are amazing, and I wonder why there aren’t more games like this. After all, shooting up aliens, crates and whatnot quickly becomes irritating and tiresome.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about “Metroid”:Wikipedia:Metroid_Prime_3:_Corruption.

Ah, decisions, decisions.