Command-Line Interface, i.e., a console/Terminal tool.


I've been using some of this stuff for over a decade now (or their predecessors), and they tend to stick around.

  • speedometer, a neat Python curses-based monitor.
  • nc - the Swiss Army Knife of any WAP tester worth his salt.
  • tcpflow - plaintext dumps of HTTP traffic without the hassle of parsing tcpdump output.
  • vim - the editor. Accept no substitutes.
  • SSH - you do want to use all of these securely, now don't you?
  • wget - Oh, how can I request thee - let me count the ways...
  • unison, which has mostly replaced my old set of sync tools:
    • rsync - for tunneled syncing of files over SSH
    • ssync - for direct syncing of mounted filesystems
  • screen - virtual desktops, VT100 style
  • procmail - keep your mail tidy
  • oleo, a text-based spreadsheet.
  • links, a text-based browser.
  • remind, a text-based calendar and alarm program (via 43 Folders)
    • Wyrd, a curses front-end for it.