No Breaks For The Wicked

I ended up having to work for a few hours this weekend, but in order to avoid saturation I also ended up doing a bit of spring cleaning–the kind of long, slow-paced chores I just don’t have the time to do during the weekday hustle.

For instance, a boringly long part of it was rebuilding one of my laptops from scratch (nuke & pave plus minimal customization–essentially installing the bare minimum and turning on syncing, which still required some nursing and waiting).

The rest was clearing out inboxes, updating some of my service containers (including taking another slow pass at ) checking some backups are getting done and interspersing all the above with reviewing some work stuff that is somewhat overdue. 30m on, 30m off, eerily like my daily meeting pace.

And speaking of overdue, I have two things I’ve been meaning to make some progress on during my free time for a while now: a barebones project for the (pretty much an empty harness to then take a stab at adding some dynamic content) and a little hardware project I decided to embark upon in lieu of buying more accessories.

They’re both quite stalled, but I managed to spend a little bit messing about with , figuring out how to lay things out inside the latter:

Doesn't look like much, I know, but these are just placeholders to design a 3D printed case around.

It’s been a while since I built something tangible, and I’m quite looking forward to actually getting it going, whenever I can actually find the time…