Baking Bad

No, I haven’t caught that particular bug and am not baking bread at home. In fact, that couldn’t be further from my immediate concerns right now, since after spending a week cooped up in my office with 28C inside and with another bout of allergies (which made it doubly hard to breathe, let alone work).

Getting air conditioning (which I’ve long resisted due to my allergies) is on the cards, but, like everything else these days, will take much longer than usual.

Closing the blinds sort of helps, but having a moving, talking bag of lukewarm water sitting all day near multiple monitors and Intel CPUs packed in trendy industrial designs fit for well-cooled offices definitely doesn’t.

So my mind has been turning again towards cooler computers, thin clients and the impact near-constant remote meetings is having, since right now it is pretty much impossible for me to use anything that can’t do video calls, which currently means (for most purposes) an i5 or better, and none of the ones I have is fanless, cool, quiet or all of them at once.

Having sat through a meeting in near darkness breathing like a half-parboiled beached porpoise while my secondary laptop - which I had literally fired up just for the call, to see if my Surface Pro’s fans relented - slowly warmed up to curling tong temperatures (good thing I have resisted wearing shorts until now) reminded me why I spend most summers working on an iPad.

And I can’t really sit with a laptop anyplace else in the house except the bathrooms, because there are usually four independent calls going on at any one time and there is also a very distinct echo…

Good thing that apparently next week is going to be marginally cooler.

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