2011 in Review

Last year’s was short and to the point, and this year’s would probably be even shorter if, like Pascal, I had the time to make it so.

Cutting to the chase, 2011 was another busy year during which I progressively steered my daily concerns away from business and technology and further towards family matters. One of my kids was in hospital for a little while , there were a bunch of miscellaneous sleepless nights due to various ailments and personal concerns, and both work and the economy weren’t as kind as I expected.

Worse still, I mis-calculated someting. Despite the massive improvement in terms of professional enjoyment, I found myself missing the mobile industry’s bustle and global reach, and largely due to the current mess the Euro zone has gotten itself in, I also found myself (for the first time in years) facing more limited overall prospects than I ever had, which kind of puts a dent on anyone’s optimism1.

Then again, I haven’t left Portugal in nearly two years, and deep immersion in what is supposed to be my native culture and its foibles may well account for that.

I found the lack of physical travel a massive improvement in lifestyle (if not in waistline), but culturally I for the lack of daily interaction with people abroad - despite the little haven I work in being profilgate in intellectual stimuli, there is an edge to UK and (US-minded) businesses that is still missing from most of the local culture, and I’ve had plenty of occasions to sit in wonder as what seemed to be completely alien reasoning processes unfolded around me.

As to the high and low points of the year, they are fairly obvious: , despite my limited involvement, was a smashing hit and the most fun I had at work all year, and capped off a number of I still haven’t found an answer for2.

The rest is just a blur, really, with one or two recurring themes that will soon come to fruition.

But I’m looking forward to the holiday season, and, as always, would like to thank my readership for their patience and continued support - may all your days be merry and bright.

  1. Which I will freely admit not to be one of my strongest suits. ↩︎

  2. I also still haven’t finished his bio, partly because it’s been a hard slog reading through some of the bits I kept track of during the and years and remembering all of the background story that isn’t in the book. ↩︎

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