2010 in Review

I’m not going to wax lyrical about 2010, or ramble on about how the industry keeps running after Apple very much like mongrels after a Cadillac - there is altogether too much going on for a clear trend to emerge yet, although my money is clearly on iPad and gesture interfaces as far as future computing paradigms are concerned.

No, I’ll just try to summarize in a few paragraphs what was easily the busiest year in the decade so far for me, having had a second kid, surgery, a long overdue career move, and far too many changes to list here where it comes to personal habits, daily routine (sleep deprivation remains a constant, though) and, most importantly of all, motivation.

It was, in short, the kind of year that one could easily label as “interesting”, and that should be taken in small doses (except, of course, for the good bits).

But it was nevertheless a good one. Like they say - any one that you can walk away from…

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