Like I mentioned , I’ve been working on redesigning the site - the old timeline was great if you visited the homepage every day, but given that I tend to post at least three times as many links as full-blown posts these days, it filled up really quickly with thumbnails to the detriment of normal posts, which got pushed down and out of sight too fast.

Also, has become a big enough driver for traffic that people simply land straight onto an article page and then maybe check out the home page for something else, so the home page needed to become more of a “general overview” thing than a timeline.

But don’t worry, , and it will stay there for a good while.

The interesting bit (for me, at least) is that I was able to shift all of this page generation logic around in little more than an afternoon’s worth thanks to the plugin and templating mechanisms - it was all working already in the , but I didn’t really have the time to test it and throw the metaphorical switch until tonight.

But it isn’t over yet - this weekend I’ll further tweak the CSS and start paring both it and the (now legacy) markup down until I can ditch the current sidebar and replace it with a different navigation scheme, more suited to the increasingly diverse mix of devices my visitors are using.