Playing by Ear

Codebits is coming up this week, and although I’ll be there, I’ve decided to cancel my remaining talk - it will eventually get done, but in between my kids being sick for two months now (one of the “benefits” of the eldest having started school is that they’ve been alternatively sick with just about everything, one every week) and my going through yet another “no computer use at home” stint, I’ve spent the evenings simply trying to rest enough to get through the remainder of the night and, when insomnia started becoming a regular occurrence, wolfing down books as if there was no tomorrow.

This has obviously put a sizable dent on my plans to migrate the rest of the old Wiki content across, but I’ve been putting up some of it on a new wiki hosted at Google Apps. It will eventually get done somehow (and somewhen).

Regarding Codebits itself, I’m pretty happy about the way the team I’m now heading has been handling the redesign of the whole thing (from web to print materials, including badges, T-shirts and whatnot), and it’s going to be a lot of fun to see what the contractors have come up with based on their work.

That and a few little things I’m trying to put together…

Update: In the meantime, by popular demand, my talk is back on.