The Soft Kitty Event Horizon

It’s the Monday after Codebits, and we’re all recovering from various things at the office - I’m recovering from a weekend spent nursing my kids, @celso and @jose_castro from managing the whole thing, @chbm is fresh and bouncy from being randomly evil, and I hear some people are still recovering from the nuclear tacos.

This year’s re-branded event (designs courtesy of @pedrocs and his team - I simply pushed when needed and mostly got out of the way) was a major success - the T-shirts were overwhelmingly popular, the place looked great thanks to the amazing production team, and we have a huge amount of video and photos already online at SAPO Videos and SAPO Fotos covering the entire event.

That would ordinarily be more than enough, but despite a touch of the flu and a splitting headache, I also managed to do my presentation (slides, video), and host the hilarious Presentation Karaoke session (video).

Plus, as a bonus, I kickstarted at least one meme.

What happened was that I initially put up a notice on one of the wallscreens to get a bunch of people to sing “Soft Kitty” to @dramalho as a prank, and it worked out so well (there were around 30 people doing it, and everyone on the floor heard it happen - not bad for a 700-body event) that it soon got a life of its own.

Among other variations on the theme (which included a “Soft Wookiee” version), @nosuchuser offered to give away his beanbag to whomever went up on the balcony and sang “Soft Kitty” out loud, which worked great, and so many people caught on that @dramalho was asked to close the event by getting everyone in the main stage to sing it.

So I think we’ve hit upon the new Codebits anthem.

Anyway, and despite my being unable to attend the final day, it’s going to be hard to top this year’s edition - which doesn’t mean that we haven’t already started thinking about next year’s…