Taking a Breather

Other than the assorted bits of entropy I’ve been posting to the linkblog of late, there seems to be rather little of interest among the flotsam and jetsam of the Internet – unless, of course, you really want to keep track of WWDC related rumors, of which there seem to be a bucketload and which I am steadfastly ignoring as if they were “Lost”:IMDB:tt0411008 spoilers (not that I ever cared anything about “Lost”:IMDB:tt0411008, or “lost the plot” as we refer to it around here).

Summer is coming up, and despite tiring weekends minding the little gremlins, I’m looking forward to entire weeks of doing mostly that and getting some more reading and writing done, seeing as the relentless juggernaut of work keeps getting in the way of enjoyment (which, as The Economist will readily tell you, is certainly not the way it should be).

Oh, and it’s been a fun allergy season so far, too. If your definition of “fun” includes watching grown men cry and snivel helplessly as their sinuses fill to the point where a kick to the head would be rather less troublesome, that is.

Gadget-wise, I’ve been making up for remaining with new touchscreen devices, of which I that their built-in support for the DivX codec and bright, crisp screens have been very useful in watching time-shifted .

In fact, considering that the only gadgets I can use while cradling a bottle-suckling gremlin are generally , I’m seriously considering skipping the first-generation altogether and getting a refreshed instead, for one should not under-estimate the practicality of the pocket-sized form factor1.

There’s no way I can use an while having breakfast (there’s no room for it) or minding the kids (I can’t carry it around in a pocket and have it handy to look up stuff or catch up on things whenever I have a few minutes’ break), so my guess is that it won’t be much of an improvement for my leisure times (at least not while my holds out).

Regardless of the fun of trying out a brand new way to do computing, I think it will essentially boil down to a decision – I might just as well keep using for a little while longer until the new and come out in Europe and I can make up my mind based on their pricing.

1 My trusty old 8GB unit remains my primary news reading and note capturing device, and this post was entirely written on it.