Found With The Wind

After a couple of hours of tinkering, this site’s internal engine is now based on Whoosh, which I just finished bolting on to Yaki after, oh, of first coming across it.

The previous indexer was Lupy, a nice but unmaintained library that I patched a bit myself and was more than somewhat quirky.

I’m still exploring all the new possibilities and tracking down a couple of minor bugs, but right now you can already use a fairly complex query language, results are sorted by relevance and the search experience should be quite a bit faster as well – I might even bring back the old live search drop-down.

Why go to the trouble of running my own indexer and search engine, you may ask? Well, because Yaki has always been designed for intranet as well as Internet use, and I have this thing about minimal external dependencies and maintaining full control…

Next up, some server-side integration, most likely powered by UKI on the UI front. Once that’s done, I’ll be able to post from to this site via a fetch-and-preview mechanism that should work on just about anything with a browser.

Yeah, even on that I don’t have yet.

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