Phasing In

Finally, after a bunch of sleepless nights, the kid’s way better, and despite remaining a savage little thing (takes three people to pin him down to examine his throat – not bad for a one-year-old), he’s nearly back to his usual congenial self.

Me, I’ve been making the best of my limited free time by re-reading “Accelerando”:ISBN:0441014151 on my when I have a few minutes to spare, revising some personal docs that had long lain forgotten and building little snippets of code to learn how to deal with Spotlight and NSCompoundPredicate – something I am getting to grips with at a fair clip out of sheer bloody mindedness.

Also, besides squashing an irritating bug that was apparently re-starting this site’s app server upon a few indexing updates, I’ve found Whoosh (a pure indexing and searching library) and decided to integrate it into instead of the (good, but orphaned) Lupy indexer I have been using so far. When it’s done, you’ll notice some changes in the way full text search works (hopefully for the better), especially because it includes a spell checker (and you wouldn’t believe the amount of misspelled queries I see in the logs).

It’s not major re-plumbing, but it will take a bit to get right.

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