Rain or Shine, Trouble Is Mine

Nothing much of interest has been going on, other than my completely avoiding CES “news” coverage (there’s a seasonal time sink if there ever was one), lousy weather, random family logistics, shopping, finding out that my ID card is near expiring and that I need to go and get the (which is now on the , tinfoil hat concerns notwithstanding), and, for the first time ever, looking at my yearly agenda (yeah, sometimes I do try to plan that much ahead), coming up short on how to try to ensure I have enough time for both work and family.

Oh, and I have just banished another nemesis, Fishville. Seriously, folk, isn’t it enough that you’ve broken your app so that it always goes to the “Live Feed” instead of my favorite group (as it used to prior to the last update), and you still haven’t figured out that there ought to be a “block junk by default” option on the web UI, or at least an opt-in mechanism?

Such are the challenges of monetizing social networks, I suppose. Not that Zynga can complain, but I sure do (full disclosure: one of my buddies works for Playfish and I systematically block all their stuff as well).

Anyway, my little keeps on giving, and not just in terms of . I’ve now hit the point where it’s actually worthwhile to use Home Sharing to re-rip and re-tag my music on any machine and then pop over to the home server and slurp it all in in neat chunks, and have been re-discovering some amazing tunes.

Weird to think that was a major driver towards my spending hours listening to music again (and yeah, I still think is in some things).