Happy 0x07D9!

Well, title says it all, really. For , we’ve been sending out New Year SMS messages in hex, octal and (once, when I was really, really bored) in binary. And every year I’d whip up some neat graphic, optimize it to bits, and send it out via MMS as a personal note (complete, in some instances, with hand-picked MIDIs for good measure).

This year, since I’m using an , the joys of mass-messaging my entire address book, forwarding on “cute” messages or sending out a mini holiday e-card are not to be, although I’m positive our folk are tossing around more than a few MMSes, which go up against the proverbial brick wall when they address them to me.

I’ve been fiddling with the site logo over the holiday season to compensate, but yeah, I’m feeling kind of left out of the multi-million SMS and MMS extravaganza that fills the Portuguese holidays with beeps and chimes from every pocket.

But hey, there’s and stuff. Now I can just mass-message the entire Internet, in one go:

A Very Happy New Year to everyone, and see you on the other side!