Up Periscope

Okay, so here’s the skinny: my hasn’t been powered on since, oh, Sunday or so, and my sole internet & blogging implement at home has been my (where I’m typing this until I can find the time to post it somehow).

Things are more than a little crazy, and not only because family calls seem to be mostly about the kid’s bowel movements and attire, both topics that I would ordinarily tune out were it not for my mildly dazed state.

Work is also somewhat on the wild side, since I still haven’t quite caught up with the few weeks’ lag brought upon by my absence and keep having to clean house and devise new strategies to cope with a killer combination of sleep deprivation and entropy.

So far, I’ve figured out that slowness has its advantages: I may be tired and sluggish, but I tend to use that to be more systematic and go through things one step at a time – and guess what, I’ve already come ahead in more than a few situations where too-quick decisions wouldn’t help.

Still, one endures. I have been racking up a quite impressive amount of starred items in in hope that some of them may yield interesting material to write about (incidentally, I’m not too keen on the new shared notes feature, which completely mangles feed items) and have had a number of interesting discussions of late about technology in general and what the “next big things” will be for 2009 or so, so interestingness may yet win out against sleepiness.

Or, at least, one can hope for that.

P.S.: Incidentally, I couldn’t care less about Open Office being finally available with a native UI when they still haven’t gotten the Services menu to work.