Restful Morning

So, here I am, after a couple of days of packing and watching people jostling fridges, sofas, cupboards and at least one metric ton of crated stuff out of our front window, trying to catch up on stuff as a way to force myself to relax before my one-day weekend draws to a close and I’m sucked back into the corporate machine.

The most interesting thing so far turned out to be Tim Cook’s talk at the Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium, which I’m listening to as I wade through a couple of weeks’ worth of RSS backlog.

As it turns out, the idiots reporting on it everywhere completely dropped the ball when they focused on Tim’s mentions of the iPhone – there is a tremendous amount of extra information in there where it regards (for instance) the iPod Touch, and Tim is an absolutely excellent speaker – i.e., articulate, clear and very precise where conveying Apple’s overall strategy (or at least the background behind the bits of it that are public knowledge).

Although there is some investor-oriented fluff in there (and quite a few ballpark figures regarding Apple’s overall business), I’d say that listening to it is time exceedingly well spent.

Plus I fully understand what he means when addressing the impact that a mainstream (i.e., relatively accessible), Wi-Fi device like the iPod Touch is going to have on the industry at large.

But more on that later – my notes on the little gadget are still being re-drafted…