Random Desktop Shot

Every now and then, just when I think my current setup is stable enough, I take a screenshot of the machine I’m sitting at and file it away for future reference. I have a couple of dozen of these now (some of which are scattered throughout this site), and it’s lots of fun to go back later and think “Oh, yeah, that’s what I was doing at the time” or “gosh, did I really run that?”.

So I thought it was about time to take another. Without further ado, here’s today’s impulse shot, taken when I was finished updating this site to the latest bleeding-edge Yaki rev (which is not yet publicly available – sorry, I’m working on that this very minute):

Clockwise, from the left: My “current” smart folder (which shows me files I touched the past 24h), JollysFastVNC showing the house LAN and remote hosting status on my mini, another VNC window on the ailing Ubuntu laptop that I use for Python 2.5 testing, and a few terminal windows.

Y’all now have fun peering at the little icon thingies.