Yaki Update on Google Code

OK, I’ve merged most of my changes back into the repository on Google Code, which means that those of you willing to grab a copy will find therein the following changes in the publicly available source:

  • It is now localizable, i.e., pretty much everything that the engine outputs is now squirreled away in ROOT/yaki/Locale.py, and I’ve provided an (Iberian) Portuguese localization. People are strongly encouraged to send in their own (I’d like to have and German translations as soon as possible, for instance).
  • The indexer and the SeeAlso navigation table now take advantage of tags and keywords, and the base engine is also generally smarter about finding nearest matches for links.
  • It now supports JSON link feeds, such as the ones output by Yahoo Pipes (I had to do this because their native RSS output mangles a lot of the extra attributes).
  • It now sports a number of “Unicode”:Wikipedia:Unicode fixes (turns out there were a few implicit conversions to “ASCII”:Wikipedia:ASCII here and there)
  • A staging/production path mechanism that uses your hostname to figure out where your page content is, lets you toggle indexing, etc.
  • And, by popular demand, I’ve added an player plugin.

There are, as usual, too many more minor changes to list here. Upgrading should be painless for most people, although I’d strongly recommend copying your content and web themes across to a new instance and seeing if there are any issues.

If you’ve made changes and upgrading breaks them, well… You could have sent in your patches. :)

Documentation-wise, there have also been some revisions. The documentation as a whole is hopelessly behind schedule, but there are now an Authors’ FAQ and a Deployment FAQ, which should help most people getting started. They are here and in format, but they are perfectly readable and I will be posting them up on the Code wiki once I convert the markup.

Next up, I’ll be adding (of all things) podcasting support of some kind. You’ll soon find out why.