Yaki, MacFusion and TextMate - The Perfect Combo?

Over the past couple of weeks, and despite having been far too busy to code (or even spend much time on a computer at home), I’ve become really pleased by the way is turning out.

The main reasons so far are that it’s dialed back server load by a significant degree (there’s a major performance gain from ditching PhpWiki, Apache and the mySQL database, and a few tweaks to Snakelets helped even more), and that it’s become trivial to post and manage content.

Instead of opening a browser, logging in to the site, creating a new Wiki node, going through the hassle of typing (or pasting) the post, previewing it, fixing typos, etc., etc., etc., writing stuff is now much simpler:

I just mount this server’s filesystem using , fire up and put the resulting text file in an appropriately-named folder – then picks it up during its next indexing pass and weaves it into the Wiki, generating an HTML version as it goes along.

And if for some reason I can’t do it directly on the server via , I can just do it on my and propagate the updates to the site via @unison@ (which is great for mass updates).

Of course I could also use vim, or even (provided I set it to UTF-8 mode to avoid its dumb text encoding defaults), but has a nice “Blog – Textile” bundle that enables me to start typing right away and preview stuff in a snap, so quick posts are even quicker.

There’s obviously a lot still to be done, but I’m pretty happy – technology should be as unobtrusive as possible and fit the way you work (and not the way around), and seems to be on the right track regarding that.

Next up, the flashy stuff.

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