Stuff I’ve just caught up on:

  • got an update, and now supports a new format that should play in just about anything supporting H.264 out there. Not sure if it does Flash video hinting now, though – must go and check.
  • 10.4.10 is out. I’ll give it another couple of days to see if it sticks and then I’ll upgrade.
  • The new WebKit web inspector looks amazingly cool. I’ll be giving it a whirl soon, since I’d rather use WebKit than dive into 3.0 on my just yet. and Firebug might have some serious competition at last.
  • Proof positive that otherwise perfectly sane people are going nuts over the .
  • Adobe’s Digital Editions is very nice-looking, but I find it somewhat disturbing to have a Flash installer put something on my hard drive. And the implications of Adobe controlling both Flash and PDF are… interesting.

Regarding the last two topics, I find it both a relief and a nuisance that the doesn’t (apparently) view presentations.

Then again, I’ve been delivering more and more presentations using nothing but a PDF viewer, but that’s not the norm.

Ah, yes, I forgot. Repeat after me: ‘The is not a business phone’. Sure, not supporting makes sense, then.

Maybe it will just be a killer eBook reader. There, that’s much better.

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