The Trojan Aqua Horse

I hereby predict (with a pretty good chance of being right, I think) that Safari 3.0 will become the Trojan Horse that will bring a bazillion Windows developers on board the iPhone platform, now that all the fuss about the iPhone SDK has been well and truly settled.

That said, and even not having been able (and, by the looks of it, not going to be able, at least tonight) to watch the keynote, my hat’s off to Apple for bringing the Web 2.0 hype to the mobile world in a believable fashion – for a change.

And, again, in a way that may well end up completely bypassing operators and the traditional mobile application distribution/download model, with its crufty and silly variations on Java and MIDP.

I can’t wait to see the third-party apps scene a year from now, Google or no Google.

And no, I’m not going to muse about .Mac. I’m going to wait and see.

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