The Cat With Nine Lives

It seems that my regarding 's postponing of being a good thing (considering that has reached .9 and all) has come back with a vengeance - or a karmic reminder of how true it might actually be.

Less than 24 hours after downloading the latest Security Update, I am currently trying to figure out why my froze and, after a forced reboot, managed to not only delete all my e-mail account definitions (thank $DIVINITY for my storing everything on a home IMAP server) but also nuke the preferences for , and a few other applications.

A disk error seems to be out of the question (disk checks gave OK results), but I'm betting even money on FileVault or Parallels (no, I don't keep VMs in FileVault, I'm not crazy - only my home directory is in there, VMs go under /Users/Shared).

Most of the damage seems, in fact, to be related to .plists of applications that were running at the time of the freeze. So far I have not noticed any missing data or severely misbehaving programs, and the Console is only spewing occasional complaints from (which is a bit chatty in that regard anyway).

But it is extremely unnerving to have to re-create most of my settings and (, as always, was less than useless where it regards mail account and rule syncing).

Here's a little list of useful commands to run the next time it happens (without dire results, that is):

# Enable mail bundles (for Mail Act-on and Letterbox)
defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
defaults write BundleCompatibilityVersion 2
# Enable Safari debug menu
defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1