Stuff That Has Been Piling Up

...on my inbox and that I could only deal with today, in relative peace and quiet:

  • Those of you interested in taking a masters' on Human-Computer Interaction might want to take a look at the MHCI, which besides being backed by CMU also gives you the opportunity to work with some very smart people I know at UMa (plus you can't beat the location).
  • Benjamin Reed (he of KDE on Mac fame) has joined Planet Tao. Folk are free to suggest any other Mac-centric developer blogs of interest.
  • Google bought Marratech, one of the few cross-platform e-meeting solutions I knew about. I can only hope it doesn't go under the radar as long as JotSpot.
  • Finally installed Screen Sieve, only to find that it doesn't play along with TextMate (would be very handy to find those pesky bits of code that you tend to gloss over when tired).
  • Had a go at trying Spotmeta and Punakea, but couldn't even download the latter until I switched away from Netcabo's DNS (which won't resolve their download site for some reason). Was worth it, though I still don't know if tagging files is for me (can't really get the hang of it).

Which brings me to one of my current hassles with Quicksilver - try as I might, I can't define a trigger on my MacBook for opening the current Finder selection with a specific app (be it Punakea or anything else). I can do that on my iMac G5 (where I did it successfully for several different apps), but not on the MacBook (where I can't do it at all).

Right now I'm considering it a bug, and moving on.

In the meantime, I've been fiddling around with HomeZone and stuff like wide-area Bonjour to do automatic syncing of files (basically running Unison with a couple of specific command lines depending on where I am), but so far I'm not truly happy.

Anyone know about a nice, friendly solution for this sort of thing?

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