Nokia Does Right By Mac Users

A bunch of people wrote in with the news that Nokia is doing the right thing and publishing plugins for most of their latest phones for free.

Full disclosure: One of those people was one of my contacts at Nokia.

I hope that this is merely the beginning of a trend, since the information required to do so has essentially been for free for a couple of years or so and there is nothing to stop other manufacturers to follow suit (SonyEricsson, I'm looking at you).

Of course, I still wish was a bit more forthcoming with documentation on 's workings, but it is reasonable to assume that they are at least swapping info with phone manufacturers in order to make everybody's life easier.

Which is what either of their businesses is all about, really. Both 's and the manufacturer's customers stand to gain from this.

And now, back to our regular post-work activities. Monday at the office always packs a special punch, and I need some R&R.

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