Minor Achievements

Ah, the joys of having free time. Besides shopping, watching DVDs, tracking down odd variants of Apple TV hacks, fixing lamps around the house and adding full-text search to Yaki (patience, I will update the live demo soon, once I get live search working), I have been quite happily cleaning out my desktops (both physical and virtual) and generally catching up on personal stuff.

And while poking about inside PhpWiki to remember how I implemented a few site features, I noticed that this site has now (according to SiteMeter, which is as fallible as any other kind of stats) had over four million visitors, even though traffic is slowing down a bit.

My traffic is piddling, I know (especially when compared to mainstream sites), but somewhat interesting to keep track of (I especially like the little bump after Xmas, which is usually tied to new Mac users paying a visit).

In comparison, FeedBurner stats have been consistently climbing - enough for me to wonder about future directions for this site.