Puttering About

Spent a couple of hours re-importing all the photos on this site into a dedicated iPhoto library and writing one or two AppleScripts to fix the titles and dates (Joe's stuff was invaluable in making those scripts a trivial endeavour, and iPhoto Buddy helps me keep these photos separate from my main library).

A few days with Keyword Assistant ought to be enough to re-classify a couple of thousand of them, I think... Then again, it's probably best to make it a couple of weeks.

(I have a bunch of Geotagging stuff to follow up on in my RSS archive, but I don't plan on using it just yet - it's enough trouble to just gather things into sensible groupings...)

While the scripts churned their way through the library, I played around a bit with Skim, and find it pretty damn useful.

It won't make as much of a change on my computer reading habits as Tofu (which I use to read long web pages in a more pleasing format), but the PDF annotation features are very straightforward to use (seemingly more practical than Adobe's), and the search function (which draws a red ellipse around matches on a page) is very effective.

iGTD also deserved a whirl (and seems pretty efficient), but I didn't spend much time fooling around - GTD is very mail-centric as far as I'm concerned, and my current approach is working fine for me.

Still, it might be useful to other GTD junkies out there, so give it a whirl (mind the yellow icons, though).

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