Geek Mode

Just so I can get stuff out of the way and focus on finishing a document, here's what caught my eye in the past day or so:

  • is a very ingenious Flash-based Mind Mapping tool that reaffirms my belief that Flash is the way to go for interactive web applications. It's much quicker (and simpler) than FreeMind, and although the surrounding HTML bits are a bit wonky in Safari, the only two things I find fault with (at this point) are the visual design (don't really like the color scheme or the spurious effects) and it not being Open Source. Highly recommended nevertheless.
  • So, MacBooks are burning. Cue the usual rumor mongering, bad reporting, etc. It was a one off, but I'm glad I always charge my machines when I can keep an eye on them (or on stone surfaces, if I must leave them charging overnight).
  • Apparently, BeOS lives on (no cat names here, but the thing seems to have nine lives): There's a Haiku live CD available, if you can spare the time.
  • Via the guys at the spool, more on the new Python-DAAP release. There's even a Fuse plugin based on it.
  • Via pfig, nginx. For those of you with an alternative take on HTTP.