Geek Mode

Just so I can get stuff out of the way and focus on finishing a document, here's what caught my eye in the past day or so:

  • is a very ingenious Flash-based Mind Mapping tool that reaffirms my belief that Flash is the way to go for interactive web applications. It's much quicker (and simpler) than , and although the surrounding HTML bits are a bit wonky in , the only two things I find fault with (at this point) are the visual design (don't really like the color scheme or the spurious effects) and it not being Open Source. Highly recommended nevertheless.
  • So, s are burning. Cue the usual rumor mongering, bad reporting, etc. It was a one off, but I'm glad I always charge my machines when I can keep an eye on them (or on stone surfaces, if I must leave them charging overnight).
  • Apparently, BeOS lives on (no cat names here, but the thing seems to have nine lives): There's a Haiku live CD available, if you can spare the time.
  • Via the guys at the spool, more on the new -DAAP release. There's even a Fuse plugin based on it.
  • Via pfig, nginx. For those of you with an alternative take on .