Short Notes

Nothing much to say these days, both due to lack of time and somewhat less than optimal health (It figures that I would get a sore throat and more gastric trouble on the first decent sunny weekend in months). Work has been measured but intense, so I decided to chill out and watch TV most of the evenings (when I wasn't mashing my Blackberry in autonomic, yes-I'll-take-that-meeting fashion).

Just gone through Treason and The Children of Men in relatively rapid succession, although I can't say I was exceptionally moved by either of them - both have a somewhat fatalistic bent that did nothing to lighten my mood, so I'll be pulling something else off the stack pretty soon.

I think some Terry Pratchett is in order. That and having another look at Amazon UK's paperbacks to see if anything catches my eye.

Oh, and on a tangent note, anyone know of a good way to watch Chinese TV in Portugal? Satellite might be tricky (no place to hang a dish, except if it's an exceptionally small one, and limited sky view).

Update: Yeah, I meant real TV (you know, the big screen with no OS). I have plenty of streaming resources on my Mandarin page, and they a) suck b) are mostly Windows-only c) suffer from plenty of jitter.

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