iTunes 7.1

Been kinda busy, so I missed out on all the action regarding the iTunes 7.1 update, the hype regarding the possibility of Apple TV games, and the (obvious) debunking. Won't people ever stop peddling rumors (and feeding unfounded expectations) for the sake of a few page views?

So, good points:

  • New categorization options (doesn't seem to have any impact on ID3 tagging)
  • Full-screen CoverFlow (nice during the first five minutes or so, until you realize you want to get stuff done)
  • Didn't break my home DAAP setup (mt-daapd on an NSLU2)

Bad points:

  • Reboot upon Quicktime install - why? Come on, guys, this is a Mac. It's not supposed to require such tomfoolery.
  • The "improved" CoverFlow doesn't have the neat iPhone-like way to select tracks from an album (i.e., flipping the cover)
  • Most of my cover art (grabbed from Amazon or scanned, depending on whether they were imported or Portuguese CDs) looks kind of crummy when upscaled.