Stuff I Probably Should Have Paid Attention To Earlier

...listed below for my later reference.

The weekend was OK, but some last-minute changes to work documents, a short (but very nice) visit to friends and the need to get some real rest (i.e., curling up with a decent book like Anansi Boys) kind of put me off computers for a bit...

  • Replacing AppleScript with Ruby (via Blech, over at the spool). I've been using appscript with Python for a while (and have had rb-appscript in my Ruby resource list for about as much), but the Ruby syntax in the examples in the article feels good.
  • Ars Technica changed their design, which means that I've spent a few minutes re-coding my feed parser for it (no, they still don't provide full feeds). Beautiful Soup rocks. Simply rocks. Incidentally, Simon Willison has recently put up a very neat extension for it.
  • Pedro Garcia is blogging... with vim. Not only that, he's going through a lot of the hassle I've been going through with Yaki and date formats. My solution so far has been to leverage Mark Pilgrim's work and call the private _parse_date function that he ships with the Universal Feed Parser - that thing can divine so many date formats it's nearly psychic.
  • I've been trying to get back to ActionScript coding, but I really need a decent build system. I've been waiting for the current owner of the TextMate bundle to update it, but so far nothing even comes close to Ben Jackson's scripts. Now all I need is time. Lots of time.
  • Wonderfully entertaining: Paul Kidby's Home Page - via David Ramalho, for all the Pratchett fans out there who (like me) love the illustrations on his books, and the amazing depth they share with the characters they portray.

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