For me, the nice thing about Xmas this year is that it's a Monday, which means that tomorrow I'm pretty sure to be able to enjoy a nice Monday (no matte how many socks I get tonight).

And between tomorrow and New Year's I'll be on vacation, which means more time for relaxing, playing around with my Macs and prancing about with a camera (three things I can't get enough of), so, with luck, there might be some fun stuff popping up on the site.

I'm not big on the traditional year recaps and have grown to believe that doing predictions for next year - especially where Apple is concerned - is ridiculous, but I might try my hand at it again, who knows?

Nevertheless, I'd like to wish all of my readership a Very Merry Xmas (or equivalent $HOLIDAY) and remind you that, if you get a nice new Mac for Xmas, I have some pointers for you.

Have fun!

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