Season's Leisure

Wow, it looks like I've been missing out on a bunch of news lately:

  • has moved to public beta, only a few days after I bought Parallels. I suppose I'll try it once it's settled down a bit more. For now I'm sticking to Parallels, as much as it pains me not to be able to run the exact same VMs that I have on my other machines.
  • seems to be out again - this time, officially.
  • Finally, someone starts forcing manufacturers to come to their senses and mandates charging. I think the Chinese market is big enough to make them get it, don't you?
  • Opera's made it to the Wii, at last. Apparently they decided to make browsing even less appealing by wrapping it in a large black border and a barn-sized button bar.
  • Core 6 is now available in Live CD format. As in, instead of the half-baked "live spins". I've since had the opportunity to set up a  box, but will leave it until after to post my notes.

And now, to try to cope with my personal e-mail backlog...