Burning My Feeds

Since there is a disproportionate amount of traffic these days (I guess that with  coming up, there are a lot of people wanting to read up on s), I have just redirected all the site feeds to FeedBurner.

You see, my RSS/ saved gigabytes of bandwidth, but they use RAM and CPU power that I can take back by running the feeds through FeedBurner's free service and use it as a sort of caching mechanism.

As a bonus, you get their added semantic sugar (more intuitive subscription methods, HTML and format rendering, etc., etc.) and I get fancy readership statistics that I can ignore at my leisure.

People with standards-compliant RSS/Atom readers should be transparently redirected (I took some pains to ensure they were, but please check your settings to see if the new URL takes), and aggregators like Asterisco get preferential treatment (i.e., they are allowed to get the original site feed sans burning).

For the sake of consistency, the same has also been done with Planet Tao, which, being a shared endeavour, has publicly available stats via Feedburner's awareness API.

Anyone experiencing difficulties is welcome to drop a line or comment on this post.

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